2017 Shanghai Frankfurt auto match Exhibition
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Shanghai Frankfurt auto match Exhibition

A leading global provider of OEM put forward the "module chain" service concept as the exclusive, hand in hand, the only designated areas of Ke Edward operators Shandong lankon Vehicle Co. Ltd and car maintenance program a full range of high-profile appearance, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign businessmen from around the world, many more enterprises who come to seek the best solution and service taking for the auto parts retail enterprises.
Edco is a leading supplier of OEM for global components. He exclusively put forward the concept of "module chain" auto parts service, and has R & D centers in Germany, Spain and Italy, providing customers with worry free product services and system solutions.
In 1971, when the history of the car entered a new stage, Edco was born.
Adhering to the concept of "leading quality, serving the world", edcot increased its market and R & D investment.
In 1975, Mr. Loomans, the master of the industrial design of Edco's helm, proposed that the "road laboratory" plan was further on the road to zero defects.
In 80s, edcot, after ten years' journey, became one of the best brands, and succeeded in achieving strategic cooperation with the German Volkswagen and BMW.
In 90s, Edco took the lead in launching the global plan "car. Love edcot" and successfully entered the markets of Spain, Italy, the United States and so on.
In 2001, edcot set up a global laboratory to develop products for different global market demand.
In 2006, edcot ranked the top of the global car owner's voting list with 452003 of the ballot.
In 2009, edcot started the "new opportunity China Road" plan.
In 2012, three years of research and preparation, Edco formally entered China.
In 2013, Hongkong CISCO automotive industry (Asia Pacific) Limited obtained Edco's exclusive agency right in the Asia Pacific region, and authorized Shandong Blue Car Co., Ltd. to become the exclusive operator in the mainland area.
Adhering to the specialties, concentrating and expert quality, creating the edkko boutique series
Edkko fully automatic transmission oil to meet the most stringent requirements of the global car gearbox manufacturers
Edward Ke full automatic gearbox oil excellent abrasion resistance, oxidation stability, low-temperature fluidity, heat resistance and shear stability of the widely praised all the owners, more than 95% of global matching models, ensuring continuous high performance transmission, improve the driving comfort, for high performance operation escort automatic gearbox consistent from beginning to end.
Alpine head must start, is at sea wave. Through the powerful combination of blue vehicle to join the 2016 Frankfurt auto show in Shanghai, to help the brand in the Chinese Ke ed automatic gearbox maintenance market opening grand journey in the world's vast car guard field sounded sonorous voice before the magnificen